The Collab Maker Space

Our new membership space where you can come design, make, build and create with our large selection of tools and equipment. Located just north of Downtown LA (at Big Art Labs, next to the Brewery Arts Complex.) We have tons of woodworking equipment, metal fabricating equipment, 3d printers, CNC, laser cutting and much more! All you need to bring is your creativity.

Monthly, weekly, and long term memberships available.

The Collab Production Spot

Our new 4000 sq ft location for Collab events and parties, as well as an awesome location for film, photo and other media production. 

The Collab Art Salon and Creative Mixer


NEXT COLLAB IS Tuesday, May 30 with special guest photographer Jim Payne

The place where Art crashes face first into tech, film, business, science, industry, fashion, literature, music…that is where Collab lives. Since 2005 artists from around Southern California have been gathering for Collab. Creative mixer, idea brainstorming, and a place to find project collaborators…Collab kicks creatives and entrepreneurs to the next level.

Table For 7

NEW! An intimate social and collaboration gathering from the Collab crew. This is an invite event, starting in May 2022. Check back soon for more details or join our Facebook group for invite information. 

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